Transcending Tradition at the Jewish Museum Berlin

On 17 July 2016 the exhibition has opened at the Jewish Museum Berlin on the occasion of the 7th European Congress of Mathematics.

For further information on Berlin, see here. Images from the exhibition opening at the Jewish Museum in Berlin can be found here.

TRANSCENDING TRADITION presents the life and works of Jewish mathematicians in Germany. Spanning a period of 150 years, it documents their emergence from segregation into the academic limelight, recalls their emigration, flight or death after 1933, and illuminates their lasting legacies.

The exhibition highlights the key role of Jewish mathematicians in German-speaking academic culture before 1933 – in teaching and academic research, in professional organizations and throughout mathematical culture, from academic to popular. A wealth of pictures and documents trace many moving lives: young researchers who helped shape modern mathematics and physics, scholars who went beyond mathematics and made their mark in literature or philosophy, and the story of the most important female mathematician of the 20th century. It explores the places and historical contexts and presents the actors and their contributions with scholarly precision and a compassionate eye for individuals and their fates.

A comprehensive catalogue is available from Springer.

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